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Poll: Most likely Best Supporting Actor nominees | Awards Daily


Guys! It’s Logan’s turn to SHINE!!!!! Lets vote for Logan as Best Supporting Actor Nominee.


Just so you know, you can vote more than once. I vote for him like 50 times a day! So lets do it guys!!!!

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is My One And Only worth watching? how big is his role?


I personally recommend it, yes! It is one of my favorite roles of his. It’s an indie, but it’s incredibly intelligent, witty, and full of meaning. It is extremely well done.

Logan actually plays a lead in the film, and narrates it throughout! He is only second to Renée Zellweger’s character, who plays his mother.

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get to know me meme: (2/10) favorite moviespercy jackson series

"The real story of the Fleece: there were these two children of Zeus, Cadmus and Europa, okay? They were about to get offered up as human sacrifices, when they prayed to Zeus to save them. So Zeus sent this magical flying ram with golden wool, which picked them up in Greece and carried them all the way to Colchis in Asia Minor. Well, actually it carried Cadmus. Europa fell off and died along the way, but that’s not important."

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More photos of lucky fans who met Logan today in LA. Black v-neck tee, cool sunglasses and biceps=Perfection! <3

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Sea of Monsters: a summary

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Fury starring Brad PittLogan LermanShia LaBeouf , John bernthal andMichael Peña will have you on the edge of your seat. Check out the brand new international poster here! - At Cinemas October 22

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Be who you are. Do whatever you want to do. I try to live my life as an example; you are an example of your own morals. Treat others right, for example. You change yourself; you change the world, right?
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