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Interviewer: Who is the most attractive in the cast?
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Logan Lerman greets fans at ‘Fury’ premiere at the London Film Festival (10.19.14)
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Le Grand Journal

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Actor meme: favorite character

Logan Lerman as Louis (Stuck In Love)

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Question: Which one of you is the sexiest

(Le Grand Journal)


Oh my god guys Logan (and the cast of Fury) will be on Le grand Journal, a French show omfg I just learned about it!!
I think you can watch it here http://www.canalplus.fr/pid3580-c-live-tv-clair.html
and if it doesn’t work search for “Le grand journal canal+ en direct”

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I just want to make sure I’m contributing good films to movie history rather than being famous just to be famous.

Logan Lerman Filmography: 2004-2014
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Thanks Logan Lerman for coming on the show today for our co-host with Rita Ora!

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Logan Lerman | BBC Radio 1 Breakfast